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    Facts about interesting and intriguing topics like the Nobel Prize, gold, well-being and more. 

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    Facts about finance, income, cost of living, trade and more. 

  • Geography

    Facts about elevation, land, water and more.

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    Facts about power system, buildings, technology, transportation and more. 

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    Facts about democracy, EU parliament, freedom, governance, political participation and more.

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    Facts about death penalty, domestic violence, prison population, terrorism and more. 

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    Facts about graduates, gender parity index, ICT in education, school starting age, years of schooling and more. 

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    Facts about environment and health, disease, life stages, medicines, use of tobacco and more. 

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    Facts about child labour, labour force, trade union, working-age population and more. 

  • Provisions

    Facts about farming, food, nutrition, price and more. 

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    Facts about broadcasting, cinema, classical music, eurovision song contest, museum and more. 

  • Environment

    Facts about agricultural, energy production and use, global warming and climate change, water use and more. 

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    Facts about computers, Internet, Open Data Barometer, Web Index and more. 

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    Facts about ethnicities, population, prevalence of modern slaves, religion, vulnerability and more. 

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    Facts about auto racing, basketball, football, ice hockey, tennis, olympic games and more.