What is factivism?

There is no shortage of information in our society. On the contrary, it is possible to find most things that are worth knowing with a quick search. It is great that anyone can publish anything on the Internet, but it also contributes to the spreading of fake news. Now there is a movement aimed at counteracting alternative facts - factivism. We explain why factivism is needed and why you should get involved.

Problem: information abundance and algorithms

The Internet has in many ways strengthened freedom of expression and democracy. Everyone can both find and share information. In addition, it is possible to reach a larger audience via social media. But it is important to know that search engines, social media and websites are run by for-profit companies. To control the user's behavior, there are algorithms that affect which content is displayed. This means that, technically, it is someone else who decides what information you are exposed to. The algorithms are based on your previous activity on the platform, where content reminiscent of what you liked, shared or clicked is chosen above things you did not interact with.

Consequence: filter bubbles and factual resistance

The information we find on the Internet contributes greatly to the creation of our worldview, and this is where the discussion about filter bubbles has started. Because what happens when we are only exposed to content that agrees with our own opinion and never meet with resistance? The risk is that it will be so difficult for us to accept the facts that we choose not to take them to heart. We become fact-resistant and fake news is believed to convey the truth.  

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How factivism can contribute to a better society

To prevent the spreading of alternative facts and counteract fact resistance, a movement called factivism has emerged. The vision is a society where everyone can find verified facts to determine what is true - and what is not. By questioning the truthfulness of the information that we are exposed to daily, whether on the Internet or in real life, the factivist helps to break through filter bubbles and fight dubious claims. It requires courage, knowledge of source criticism and access to, precisely that, facts. Factlab believes in a more knowledgeable world and we bill build a community around factivism. Want to know more about how you can become a factivist?


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