What is Factlab?

In the increasingly dense information jungle, how do you know which facts to trust? And how can you have a fruitful discussion with someone who use fake news or alternative facts as arguments? The answer is: back up your standpoint with source-referenced facts.

Factlab is a big global data hub with tens of millions of facts from more than 600 referred databases world-wide, with tools to analyze, compare and combine the data of your choice. Factlab is the opposite to traditional search engines. We empower people with unbiased facts, letting people shape their view of the world on valid grounds.

Watch the video to see what we mean!

A world of facts at your fingertips

When was the last time you hunted the internet in search for an answer? An hour ago? A minute ago? We hope that you found what you were looking for. But even more so, we hope that the information was correct.

Online search is how we usually find facts today, even if the results are ever so unpredictable. Sometimes you are lucky and find trustworthy information. Just as often a random search provides you with a number of different results, from various sources of different quality. So, how do you know which facts to trust?

Experience the lab

In our global big data hub we have millions of facts, from referred sources only. A world of facts at your fingertips. Facts you can trust are valid and up to date.

Factlab is a resource for anyone who need facts. Original, source-referenced facts, clean from any interpretation and agenda. Just as facts should be, otherwise they are opinions. And we do not provide opinions, just straight facts.

We empower people with unbiased facts, to give everyone an opportunity to shape their view of the world on valid grounds. This is how we support our vision of creating a more knowledgeable world.

Factlab contains millions av facts from referred sources all over the world. For your convenience the facts are grouped by topic. Regardless of source, the facts are presented in a harmonized format, so that you can easily analyze and compare them.

What Factlab plan suit your needs?

You are always welcome to use Factlab free of charge, which will let you search without limitations. If you are a professional user you also have the opportunity to add even more functions to improve the quality of your work.