Facts about us.

Factlab project was formed in 2009 by two brothers from Malmö, Sweden. Both with backgrounds as entrepreneurs within IT they decided to use their skills to build a platform for facts. An innovative tool that would help people to easily find facts they could trust and rely upon.

At the time, search engines had started to take over as the preferred method to find information and facts. But as useful as they can be, Factlab saw their shortcomings. In the increasingly dense information jungle, how were you supposed to know which facts to trust, and which were false or uncertain? How were you supposed to have a fruitful discussion with someone who use fake news or alternative facts as arguments? The answer was and still is: back up your standpoint with source-referenced facts.

They decided to build the Factlab strategy on transparency and validity. By partnering with the world’s most common sources they started to build a big data hub with referred facts only. Every search should result in a fact where you could clearly see its original source.

Today Factlab is a fast-growing big data hub, with tens of millions of facts. Users come from all over the world, using Factlab both as a valuable work tool or just for the fun of knowing. Factlab also enjoy a loyal community of Factivists who keep spreading the importance of valid facts all over the internet.

And still, this is just the beginning. The need for relevance and authenticity grows, and they believe that Factlab has an important role in creating a more knowledgeable world. Welcome to join the movement and get your facts straight!

User stories

Learn more about how both individuals and professionals use Factlab to find source-referenced facts, to improve the quality of their work.

Factlab contains millions av facts from referred sources all over the world. For your convenience the facts are grouped by topic. Regardless of source, the facts are presented in a harmonized format, so that you can easily analyze and compare them.

What Factlab plan suit your needs?

You are always welcome to use Factlab free of charge, which will let you search without limitations. If you are a professional user you also have the opportunity to add even more functions to improve the quality of your work.