Great facts support great stories.

Every journalist, blogger and storyteller knows how hard good research can be. Online search and real-world digging are tedious jobs, especially when a tight deadline is nagging your back. And still, you are totally dependent on finding the right sources to back up your story.

Factlab is your online resource for finding facts and statistics. A world of facts at your fingertips. Knowing that the facts are valid and up to date will speed up your research with Factlab, and build trust among your readers.

Facts for journalists and newsrooms

As a journalist, you will enjoy the convenience of one easy-to-use interface for millions of facts. You will also get the added benefit of being able to compare facts from different sources to make a better analysis. In these times of reduced confidence in media, using referred facts will strengthen your journalistic capital.

Factlab is always free to use. In addition, professional journalists and media houses can register for enterprise features. With an API connection you can improve your story with interactive diagrams and automatic links to original sources. With custom theming of colors and style, the facts seamlessly fit your editorial context.

Use the lab.

Using the Lab is fun and educational. View the One minute fact video to see all the possibilities to search, analyze, compare and publish.

User stories

Learn more about how both individuals and professionals use Factlab to find source-referenced facts, to improve the quality of their work.

Knowledge Center

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How it works

Factlab gives you easy access to more than 50 million facts from referred sources all around the world. With a few clicks, you can find almost anything you need.

Factlab contains millions av facts from referred sources all over the world. For your convenience the facts are grouped by topic. Regardless of source, the facts are presented in a harmonized format, so that you can easily analyze and compare them.

What Factlab plan suit your needs?

You are always welcome to use Factlab free of charge, which will let you search without limitations. If you are a professional user you also have the opportunity to add even more functions to improve the quality of your work.