Build trust with valid facts.

Building opinion is all about gaining trust. The more knowledgeable a politician appears, the more likely their cause will get public acceptance. But how can you easily find facts to substantiate your arguments, without spending hours on research?

Factlab is your online resource for finding facts and statistics. A world of facts at your fingertips. Knowing that the facts are valid and up to date. Find the facts you need with Factlab, and earn appreciation for your initiated knowledge.

Facts for politicians and opinion formers

As an opinion former, you will enjoy the convenience of one easy-to-use interface for millions of facts. Whether you are laying out your political strategy, writing a debate article, or preparing a public appearance, Factlab will help you find and analyze facts to sharpen your arguments and to make a credible impression.

Factlab is always free to use. In addition, individual opinion formers, political parties and other associations can register for enterprise features. With an API connection you can improve your story with interactive diagrams and automatic links to original sources. With custom theming of colors and style, the facts seamlessly fit your editorial context.

One-Minute-Facts about Factlab.

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How it works

Factlab gives you easy access to more than 50 million facts from referred sources all around the world. With a few clicks, you can find almost anything you need.

Factlab contains millions av facts from referred sources all over the world. For your convenience the facts are grouped by topic. Regardless of source, the facts are presented in a harmonized format, so that you can easily analyze and compare them.

What Factlab plan suit your needs?

You are always welcome to use Factlab free of charge, which will let you search without limitations. If you are a professional user you also have the opportunity to add even more functions to improve the quality of your work.