This is how it works.

Factlab gives you easy access to more than 60 million facts from all around the world. With a few clicks, you can find almost anything you need.


Search by topic or source.

Use free text search or choose your topic. You will be guided by the system to narrow down your search to facts available in the big data hub.


Analyze and compare.

Analyze your facts to get a better understanding. Compare your fact with related topics or with other countries, municipalities, counties or equivalent to broaden your understanding.


Share, or save for later.

Let others view your findings, maybe to return further insights. Or save your results so you can come back later and continue your work.


Use your results.

Publish and manage your results in various ways. By always referring to Factlab, your work will appear more credible and trustworthy.

Use the lab.

Using the Lab is fun and educational. View the One minute fact video to see all the possibilities to search, analyze, compare and publish.


View as a list

Bar chart

View as a bar chart


View as a map


View as a timeline

Pie chart

View as a pie chart


View as a trendline


View how you change language

The Factlab features.

  • Embed your graphs

    Explain the fact in detail by embedding interactive graphs and diagrams in your content.

  • Use the Factlab seal

    The Factlab seal symbolize quality and source-referenced easy-to-use facts.

  • Share with others

    Facts are more useful and fun if shared with others.

  • Compare with other facts

    Broaden your analyze and understanding by comparing different facts.

  • Create a community

    Registered users can create a community of people sharing the same interest.

  • See what others are interested in

    What's the buzz of today? See our top searches and catch up on trends.

  • See statistics over time

    See how a fact develops over time with the historical view.

  • Invite friends and co-workers

    Invite others to view your results, and start cooperating.

  • Custom-make results and reports

    Personalize your presentations with customized results.

  • Save your experiments

    Need to continue another day? No problems, just save your work for later.

  • Download your results

    Download your searches and results to your unit of choice.

  • Follow development

    The world never stops, follow the future development of your chosen fact.

What Factlab plan suits your needs?

You are always welcome to use Factlab free of charge, which will let you search without limitations. If you are a professional user you also have the opportunity to add even more functions to improve the quality of your work.
Factlab contains millions of facts from our referred sources. The facts are grouped by topic and presented in a harmonized format, so that you can easily analyze and compare facts from different sources.