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Factlab is a resource for anyone who needs facts. Original, neutral facts, clean from any interpretation, our facts are up to date. Just as they should be. Just straight facts.

How do you find facts?

Online search is how we usually find facts today, even if the results are unpredictable. Sometimes you are lucky and find trustworthy information. Just as often a random search provides you with results of varying quality. Is there a better way to find facts?

A more knowledgeable world.

Factlab is the opposite to traditional search engines. We empower people with unbiased facts, letting people shape their view of the world on valid grounds. This is how we support our vision of creating a more knowledgeable world.

60.000.000 facts from over 600 referred sources.

In our global big data hub we have millions of facts, from referred sources only. A world of facts at your fingertips. Knowing that the facts are valid and up to date.

Become a Factivist.

Do you think that everyone should be free to make up their own facts? Or do you believe that the world can be a better place if we respect facts? In that case, we welcome you to become a Factivist.

The Factlab seal means trust.

Facts marked with the Factlab seal always come from referred sources.